Texas University of Theology grants life experience credits for professional and ministerial experience, and transfer of credit hours for studies taken in other colleges and learning institutions.

When a student submits all the necessary documentation with a $50.00 evaluation fee, an evaluation will be done and the student will receive the results in writing. Please submit all documentation at the same time. It is necessary that all transcripts from other learning institutions be official transcripts. We cannot accept copies.

To apply for Life Experience Credits, submit the following information, if applicable:

  • Resume of professional and ministerial experience
  • Official transcripts from other learning institutions (religious and secular)
  • Certificates, Diplomas, Awards (Only those earned after High School)
  • Books or Articles written by you
  • Missionary trips (Dates and your role in the trip)
  • Description of pastoral and leadership ministry
  • Evaluation Fee of $50.00 (non refundable)

Upon completion of your evaluation, you will receive the results in writing. If you choose to accept any eligible credits, you will be billed at $10.00 per credit. This fee will be due before you complete your 10 courses for the school year they are awarded.

Example: 30 credits X $10.00 = $300.00
30 credits is equivalent to one (1) year of study ($1,250.00)
A savings of $950.00 and 10 classes w/ exams.

*Life Experience Credits cannot be used to progress to any degrees beyond the Bachelor Level.

Please mail all original documents with the $50 evaluation fee to our office:
Texas University of Theology
700 NE Loop 820, Suite# 208
Hurst, TX 76053